About us

We love our customers, value our partners, respect our competitors and pay attention to our environment. All this and most of all the motivated employees of the Feickert Group in Germany and Asia have been the keys for the success of the company for almost four decades.

Internationally positioned, but independent of the constraints of a huge company, we offer our customers one of the largest and most flexible product portfolios in power transmission worldwide.

Our European management in our branch in Ningbo / China is the guarantor for the constant highest quality of the Feickert conveyor chains and all our other products from the Far East.

In addition, there are a large number of premium products from our long-standing partners in Germany, Europe and Asia.

Our core competence remains our well-known support around your needs. Especially when things get tight. Service made in Germany.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Locations of the Feickert Group

Ketten Feickert / Ningbo, VR China
Design, production, QA, logistics and global distribution of our products from the Far East

Ketten Feickert / Herborn, Germany
Headquarter and Sales Europe of the Feickert Group

Ketten Feickert / Hong Kong
Holding and financial centre of the Feickert Group