Ketten Feickert China

Ketten Feickert China consists of two distinct but cooperating organisations; a sales engineering and QC office with 12 staff in Ningbo, and a JV factory producing conveyor chain and special chain in Shaoxing with 12,000sqm and 120 staff.

The overall organisation in China is led by Clive Cunliffe, a British engineer living and working in China for 10+ years and with almost 40 years of conveyor chain production experience. Together with a team of travelling QA/QC engineers, Mr Cunliffe manages the production of Ketten Feickert products both in the KF special chain factory and those produced by our valued business partners around the country.

The main products produced and/or sourced in China are:

  • Roller chain
  • Conveyor chain
  • Sprockets and chain wheels
  • Racks and gears
  • Pulleys and bushes

Plus all kinds of special items produced to drawing. Common materials are steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and engineering plastics

With our strong presence and control in China we are able to consistently supply high quality products at competitive prices.