Roller Chains

Roller Chains

When it comes to roller chain, nobody can fool us. 

Feickert roller chains offer the utmost reliability for customers in over 100 countries worldwide, with all required DIN/ISO values easily exceeded. 

All Feickert roller chains receive a proprietary initial lubrication after production, not only rust protection. Chains from size 20B-1 are produced in a heavy-duty execution with four side riveting and uprated materials and treatments.  

All standard sizes are kept in our famously deep stocks. Our automatic cutting machine produces your desired lengths in just a few hours. 

Make your chain a Feickert chain!

Let us enterchain you

We also supply stainless and maintenance-free versions, plus any conceivable attachments or surface treatments. Specially manufactured, customised solutions and innovative developments are where our strength lies – contact us now for your next special project!

Innovations and regular tests guarantee the constant high quality level of our roller chains